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GDMR ‘Branding 360’ provides retail industry with Visual Merchandising solutions optimizing the presentation of your products and services to better highlight its features and benefits. We increase sales of your business by increasing the product quotient to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase.


Discovering and Creating the look and feel of the brand

Logo Creation

Brand Identity starts with Logo


Developing continuous willingness in customers to use the brand


Mannequins are story telling vehicles for the brand and increases the brand value and usage


A brand style communicate consistent visuals and messaging to the customers. It defines your brand elements applied across marketing materials.


Brand communication is a key element of brand positioning in the minds of customers.


Props display’s imagery of the brand’s concept to the customers.


A window display can communicate what your store’s brand has to offer and the type of experience your customers can gain from your products.


It is a desired image to a customer which consists of a set of tools that a company uses to resonate with the target audience.A brand identity  can be recognizable and more attractive through crafting emails,creating new landing pages or by posting in social medias.

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Branding works


A Logo is the most powerful weapon of a digital marketing agency which requires trust and commitment.It’s logo that reflects your organizations’ value and personality.

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GDMR [George David Martha Rosily] Foundation is a firm dedicated to provide top quality service in all the areas of work that we do. The three wings that operate under GDMR Foundation are Civil Engineering and Design Consultancy, Brand Image Design Consultancy, and Mind and Body health consultancy services. Client need is the center of all design services at GDMR Foundations. We provide Creative Solutions in the field of Engineering, Brand Image, Visual Merchandizing, and Mental Health and wellness.


Digital marketing lets you communicate with your customers in real-time,notably through website comments, messages, emails,reviews, and social media posts.



Mannequins personalize items for consumers.It helps the customers to understand what would look good on them. They provide strong visual appeal, and trigger an emotional purchase response.

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styling 2 (1)

Styling is a set of standards for the writing and formatting of content for a specific publication, organization, website, or field as a whole and  guides to establish and enforce style rules to improve communication and foster consistency.

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Your product displays are so important in grabbing the attention of shoppers.With a well-designed you can easily highlight your product’s most notable features and catch your customer’s attention. As shoppers walk around a store, they can get lost in a fog of products.


Digital marketing communications is the digital marketing equivalent of the traditional marketing communications mix. The use of digital marketing nowadays not only allows for brands to market their products and services digitally, but also allows for online customer support through 24/7 services to make customers feel supported and valued.


Props are very important in the making of a display, and also in the process of creating imagery. They tell a story not only about the product, but also about the brand’s concept or the store’s, the merchandise’s visibility on the market and so on.

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A window display can communicate what your store’s brand has to offer and the type of experience your customers can gain from your products. A window display allows you to show your customers what their life could be like with you.

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Basic VM training for Retailers on Display Areas, Effective Planogram & Merchandise display & its impact on Store Aesthetics.
Main signage recommendations with Clear specification of materials.
Instore branding specifications – Visual plan, Mandatory Signages & In-store Signages for better Visibility.
Mannequin plan depending on brand and category
Lighting recommendations to increase in-store visibility.
Excess stock storage recommendations.