Creating your Brand Identity -Unique Process-

Your brand is defined by the customer’s overall perception of your business.

Branding the first impression you leave on your audience, and it’s what makes you gain a competitive advantage. Your brand should act as direct reflection of what your customers should expect from you. That’s your tone, your vision, mission, your marketing materials, your packaging, and your website. That’s the reason people will choose you over others. For small businesses especially, it’s crucial to attract and retain loyal customers and branding will do just that.

Brand Story and Brand Identity

  • Brand Name 
  • Brand Persona
  • Brand Heart – Vision, Mission, Objective
  • Brand Voice

Brand Design

  • Logo
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Packaging
  • Print Design

Brand Strategy

  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Buyer Persona
  • 3 H Creation

Brand Marketing

Website is the most critical tool for marketing your brand hence includes your brand voice, message, and personality into the content. Profile pages for social media networks should be branded visually, and with your chosen voice for engagement.

– SEO & Content Marketing

– Social Media Marketing

– Email Marketing

– Paid Advertising (PPC)

Many more in list.


An advertising agency, often referred to as a creative agency